Seed for the Future

Plant Breeder Profiles

Jim DyckJim Dyck
Jim Dyck is excited about oats. From his breeding operation and farm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan he says, "It's good to eat oats. It has such a value for human health and the future is amazing. Oats has a wide range of appeal that I don't think we have explored." Click here to learn more.

Janice CuthbertJanice Cuthbert
As a plant breeder Janice is excited about the role she plays in helping identify traits that can deliver higher yields and increased profitability to growers. Click here to learn more.

Valerio PrimomoValerio Primomo
As one of Canada's few vegetable breeders, Dr. Valerio Primomo is on a mission to develop new traits and crops that will benefit Canadian vegetable growers and consumers. Click here to learn more.




Curtis PozniakCurtis Pozniak
Whether it’s breeding a better wheat for producing pasta or one that more efficiently uses resources such as nitrogen and water, Curtis Pozniak and his students are up to the task. Find out how Pozniak uses science and long-term vision to guide wheat breeding success.

Eric  GagnonEric Gagnon
Building the soybean of the future – that’s plant breeder Eric Gagnon’s passion and life’s work. Find out how he’s building better varieties that benefit you and the end user.

Francis  KirigwiFrancis Kirigwi
Helping you meet the challenges facing Canadian wheat is Francis Kirigwi, wheat breeder at Syngenta Seeds Canada. “Canada exports almost 80% of the wheat it produces so we need to maintain this high quality standard to keep our farmers competitive in the global market.” Read his story.

Henry  OlechowskiHenry Olechowski
Giving you the opportunity to grow soybeans in regions you never thought possible – that’s just one of the goals Henry Olechowski is achieving in his career as Director of Research for Hyland Seeds. Find out more of Henry’s contributions to seed innovation.

Ron DePauwRon DePauw
Working for the betterment of grain value in Canada is Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada plant breeder Ron DePauw. “What we’ve learned over the years, quite simply, is that genetics work.” Learn more about his commitment to the future of seed innovation.